Create Invoice and offers

Start by going to Leads to create a offer

On the lead page you will see a "create offer" button. Click it

Once click you will be met by a pop-up to create your offer. If you have created any predefined product (Can be done under sales -> products

From here you can easily create multiple lines, to fit the offer best

Interacting with your offer

In this view, you will interact with your offer.

  • On the eye you can view the orignal offer
  • On the document you will be redirected to the invoice
  • On the checkmark you can set the offer to won, and it will be converted to an invoice
  • On the X you can set the offer as lost
  • On the pencil you will be able to edit the current offer

The Invoice view

From the invoice view you can see the status of your invoice if it's in the draft, unpaid, paid, etc. You can see more information such as the amount due, the due date as to when the Invoice should be paid, and see the original offer

Edit the invoice

If the invoice has not been sent you will be able to add more invoice lines to the invoice. The original offer will stay the same to keep the history

Keep in mind DaybydayCRM is not an invoicing system. We recommend integrating with a third party to get more advanced features. If we do not support your Invoice system feel free to contact our support