Create Appointments in DaybydayCRM

The different ways of creating appointments

It's possible to create appointments in a couple of different ways. Let's start by covering it directly on the client. If you go to a specific client on DaybydayCRM, you will in the right sidebar be able to, first of all, see recent appointments and create new ones on the "+".

Fill out the necessary information

This is the view that you will be presented wherever you create an appointment, from here it's possible to fill out the information such as title, which user should be in charge of this appointment, and the color of the label on the calendar/timeline. When it's created from the client view, it will automatically be attached directly to the client

Timeline view

From here you can create, and edit your appointments. It's possible to directly drag on your appointments, to easily move around the user responsible for the task, change and extend the time of the given appointment

You will also be presented with users who has registered absence so you can easily work around it and ensure you don't book appointments on users who are absent