Tracking your leads

one of the most common mistakes businesses make: they leave an information session with a lead, and then never touch base again.

This is the cardinal rule of sales: always follow up! Your leads are the lifeblood of your sales team. In order to follow up in the right way, you need to cultivate a relationship with them. Daybyday helps you gather information about your clients, so you have the best potential to win your lead.

Create a good offer

It is hard and you need to think of what they want and what they will benefit from. But you also have to follow it up with the right lead. Don't just leave them hanging. You have to continue to offer them the things they want and need.

If people know that you're following up with them, they'll be more likely to put more trust in your business. And if you want to be more efficient, there are ways to do so with DaybydayCRM to track the flow from lead and offer creation to invoicing, through DaybydayCRM or your favorite billing system.

Organizing products offers & leads

Is a great way to make sure you're reaching the greatest number of people possible. It's important to have clear and concise products that tell people exactly what you do, what they have purchased, or what they are being offered. DaybydayCRM has made it very is easy to create a product and reuse it throughout your invoicing, offers, and leads.